Service libraries, clients, bindings, and other resources


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Service libraries

It is not required to use a service library for building services, as the protocol is simple enough. But sure, it helps.

Name Description Language Developer
go-res Go package for writing RES services Go Samuel Jirénius
csharp-res .NET Core library for writing RES services C# Samuel Jirénius

Client libraries

To connect to Resgate via WebSocket, a RES client library is needed.

Name Description Language Developer
resclient Official ResClient javascript client library Javascript (ES6) Samuel Jirénius
ResClient Python client library with partial support Python Arran Duff

Tools and utilities

Miscellaneous tools and utilities that may aid in learning and developing Resgate based applications.

Name Description Language Developer
modapp-resource Utility classes to extend ResClient’s models and collections Javascript Samuel Jirénius
resgate-test-app A smorgasbord of micro-services to learn from Javascript Samuel Jirénius
rest2res RES service turning legacy REST APIs into live APIs Go Samuel Jirénius
Resource Viewer Client for viewing resource served from localhost Javascript Samuel Jirénius