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Resgate is an MIT licensed open source project and completely free to use, together with all its surrounding libraries.

Has Resgate helped you in your work? Does your company use it as a part of their product?
Do you wish for it to stay healthy and actively developed?

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All donations goes directly to support the continued development of Resgate.

One time donations

One-time donation can be made via Paypal:

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Recurring pledges

Recurring pledges may even come with additional perks, such as having your company logo showing on this website or in the Resgate GitHub repository. Recurring pledges are made via GitHub Sponsors:

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Resgate is at the core, but there is a need for the ecosystem to grow.

If you’ve written a RES service library, a RES client library, or some other service or utility useful to the community, contact us through the forum so that we may add it to the Resources page.